By regular consumption of 6 types of food, the risk of cancer can be lowered by as much as 25%. These are the results of an 8 year long research of 26.000 greeks, done by the university of Harvard, which appeared in the British Journal of Cancer.

The research revealed that we should lean more towards the Mediterranean diets. In practice, this would mean that we should:

* Eat more: fruit, vegetables, beans, whole wheats, mono-unsaturated fat (olive oil) and fish.
* Eat a little: red wine
* Eat less: meat, dairy products.

By simply eating less meat and dairy, and replace this by for instance fish and olive oil, the risk of cancer would lower by 12%. More unsaturated fats (meaning: more olive oil) en less saturated fat (less butter) would lower the risks with another 9%. And a daily intake of 6 of these Mediterranean products would result in a decrease of 22%.

Take into account that a healthy person is more probable of surviving or reducing the speed at which cancers like mesothelioma take over the immune system.

There are real, although very limited, benefits of diet and supplements in supporting mesothelioma though. It is an advantage to have an overall fantastic health provided by conscious food intake rather than attempt to fight an inexorable illness onece you get it.

There’s nothing to buy that would prevent this horrible form of cancer except perhaps being the most careful person ever so as to avoid complete contact with any asbestos fibers(this is really absurd and possibly unattainable)

Actually, eating fresh vegetables seems to reduce the rate of development.

More recently, the medical literature suggests that one B vitamin may at least renders one form of chemo for mesothelioma less toxic.

Folic acid, and, for that matter, vitamin B12, and S-adenosylmethionine are useful during chemo for mesothelioma because support a process called methylation. Methylation turns on detoxification (which doesn’t take this drug out of the system, just other toxins that would make its side effects worse), and it also supports the production of melatonin, making it easier to sleep, and serotonin, improving the happy parts of your brain. Pot might aid in pain.

Supplements that are a bad idea if you have mesothelioma include:calcium, vitamin D, and shark cartilage. It has been doubted whether cartilage from sharks work because they are not really immune to cancer. It is just that wildlife never gets cancer and most animals die naturally. Only animals that come in contact with humans or domestication and the alterations we cause to their environments begin to die in weird way. Otherwise they would die of predation, climate, accidents or old age.

If the disease has progressed, it can release calcium from bone. The additional calcium in your blood stream you can get from taking calcium, vitamin D, or shark cartilage can cause hypercalcemia. Symptoms of hypercalcemia are altered mental status, needing to urinate all the time, vague bone pain, constipation, and headache.

If you’ve been taking these supplements to support mesothelioma and you have these symptoms, please consult a doctor.

Generally speaking, treatment for mesothelioma is a time to get all the calories you can. You might try to blend foods high on good fats like avocados, fish oil, nuts with yogurt, and or try to consume lean meats with good whole carbs along with your favorite vegetables.

Using ginger, garlic and condiments actually stimulates your senses and might aid with the lack of hunger from the treatments for mesothelioma. The smell of cinnamon forces your brain to release hormones like serotonin.

You could try using chillies as they cause your blood vessels to relax, add vanilla to warm infusions to trigger memories and basically stay clear of bland food that does not awaken an appetite in any way. You might eat less of the spicy food but it will be more appealing.

Beans are great source of protein, spinach is loaded on lutein like avocados, almonds are miraculous to the complexion, garlic and onions have antibiotic properties that aid in fighting bacterial in the gastro-intestinal tract and the real cancer fighters are contained within the food we choose consciously and not in the cartilage of a creature. Correct ingestion of the right kinds of food keeps the doctor away longer.
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