Living With Mesothelioma

Living with mesothelioma? mesothelioma living inside you?

It is quite usual to think that living with mesothelioma is a question about the disease in particular but it occurred to me that I live in a developing country that probably has not gotten rid of asbestos material in old buildings and who knows, even household items kept from the past still contain some of the dangerous fibers.

So it is a wise question to ask oneself...

Am I living in an environment where their might be a risk of developing mesothelioma?

Am i sufficiently informed on the topic to insure I can protect myself and loved ones?

Am I aware of where to look for the traces of toxic building materials, air duct fibers made with asbestos, kitchen gloves etc?

This is scary people and thought one cannot possibly live a life of total prevention, it is wise to lower the risk of contracting such a deadly cancer.

Did you know it kills you 100% of the time?

So you better stay informed about the place where you live, the home you are raising your children in and the origin of the food and water you are feeding them.

Is there residual asbestos material in the surroundings of your home?

Was there ever asbestos in your area?

Can you contact anybody who could help you determine if your life and your family's life is at risk?

It is one thing to be diagnosed with mesothelioma and to have the disease living inside you, but it is another different deal to be living with mesothelioma....around you.
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